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man created evil from his youth

Are man heart is evil from his youth?

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Some say man heart is evil from his youth. Man develops his own ego from an early age to survive. He is inferior to other animals in the physical force and thus developed his mental power. The feeling of separateness gives him the feeling that he is at the center. He develops a will to get what he can to survive.
“I will never again curse the ground because of man, for the intention of man’s heart is evil from his youth”

Genesis 8, 23

Hanna’s eyes were red and bitter drops ran down her cheeks. Her fiery mouth testified to her battered soul. “I want him to die,” she said, she whispered. “I want God to punish them”.
I couldn’t help but look at her with a compassionate look, waiting for her to calm down and get her mind back to her. I know that Hannah’s hatred is not in her favor. As long as she continues to curse them and not rise above humiliation and pain she will not find rest.
My thoughts also wandered to the person, the one who attacked Hannah. At the time of the crime, he was a young man who worked with her in the same place where she knew him. What causes a person to commit an offense? Was he born bad? What happened in his life that led him to a place of offense? What was going on in his mind?
The man created evil from his youth, says Genesis. Man is born, and in his growth steps, he develops his sense of self and separation. He defines himself as different from the surrounding and what belongs to him. He recognizes his mother and father and his toys and watches over them. He asks for food for himself, love, and attitude for himself.
In the early teens, the direction changes and the adolescent child begins to develop his or her potential to make a difference. That is, he learned to get for himself and give to others. He becomes a big brother and protector to his little brothers, helping parents at home. As a man grows up, he marries and provides for his family and educates his children. He develops a personality that accepts the wealth from the world and influences it accordingly.
How the Influence of  surrounding create man evil heart 
As man develops and grows, he is influenced by his surrounding. Each person has three main circles of influence. The personal circle of family and close friends. The second circle, also called teachers, contains teachers, various types of mentors, co-workers, classmates, neighbors, community, state. The third circle is also called books and it refers to the effects of books, movies, internet, television, and radio. These circles of influence are critical to man and his development.
Defense mechanism create man evil heart
As children and adolescents, we experience less pleasant experiences that raise feelings of emotional pain. We are built so that we try to stay away from pain as much as possible. Therefore, we develop a mental mechanism that will prevent us from acting in the future in the same way that we did, and then again cause us pain. This mechanism has a defense mechanism. In the spiritual language, it is called a peel. Borrowing from the bark that protects the fruit from spoiling as long as it developed. The entire defense mechanism protects us until we learn to grow from this place of pain.
You try as a kid to be close to a girl and she rejects you. This experience causes you pain. As a result, a protective mechanism is created that prevents you from getting close to the girls you like. You make all the effort to avoiding the potential of denying pain Most of the time, as we grow older, we learn to grow up from the painful area, and naturally, we weaken the defense mechanism. In our case, we learn to approach the people we love and thus unleash the defense mechanism.
But, there are instances in very specific areas and concerning our personality structure where the defense mechanisms become very dominant in our lives and manage our actions. In our case, we avoid making healthy contact with people we like.
Man created evil from his youth  terms of cause and effect
If we take an ordinary child, and we already acknowledge that from his early days he developed, ego, the urge to have for himself. His circles of influence dictate to him certain values of society and behavior, such that to receive respect and love he must use force, and behave delinquently. Besides, he avoids feeling the pain of others because he has developed a dominant defense mechanism that protects him from his vulnerability.
Such a person, if we take out of all these elements to choose to act delinquently and to hurt a woman without her consent, is he guilty? Is there any meaning to this encounter between that abusive man and the injured woman? In other words is he a criminal or a man that did a crime?
It’s very hard not to look at that person as guilty. After all, he did a crime, and his crime requires justice, which raises the question of what is justice?
Spiritually, we have no real ability to ascertain divine accounts. But, we can tell that wise man teach us that the soul chooses to roll into a certain body and go through a process where it grows into that person, who eventually commits delinquent action. It may be that the victim in our story, in the previous incarnation, was the offending one. Spiritually there may have been a “closure account ” here in terms of cause and effect. In modern language, we use the term karma derived from Eastern European philosophies.
man  evil heart and the modern punishment system
The modern state acts in three ways against the perpetrator: denial of liberty, exclusion from society, and rehabilitation. Certainly, putting a person in prison is problematic. A prison is a devastating influence environment for a person and usually does not give him a real opportunity to improve.
There were no prisons in the Bible. A criminal was tried in a tribunal according to clear law. There was no condemning based on circumstantial evidence. A man who stole had to return what he was taken or became a slave. To condemn a person to death,  two reliable witnesses were needed at the time of action.
This is not the place to elaborate, but it is clear that the modern punishment system does not provide a solution of justice for victims and improvement for criminals. However, the suffering of the victim and the attacker continues.
In my opinion, the rehabilitation system should be one of the attackers and the injured person. When, on the one hand, the offender leads to a genuine process of repentance that includes confessing to sin, beating up crime, remorse, and true intention not to crime again. Understanding the pain it caused, hurting what brought it down, and fixing its path. On the other hand, the same system encourages the injured person to go through a process where he will abandon the victim’s role and move to a place of strength and compassion for himself and forgiveness for the attacker.
In conclusion, man created evil from his youth
As long as the person holds the victim’s role, he cannot cure the trauma he has experienced. He must undergo a process of forgiveness and compassion for himself and the attacker. Compassion brings one to the proper contemplation of life. There is an indirect link between the attacker and the attacker and when both parties balance themselves, so their relationship is balanced and there is no more cause and effect, no more karma.

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By Avraham Maor - N.M.C natural medicine counselor/ Life Coach


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