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common defense mechanisms and why we use them

Common defense mechanism and why we use them

  • avimaor 
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Common defense mechanism may result in healthy or unhealthy issues, depending on the circumstances and frequency with which the mechanism is used. Mental strategies that the unconscious mind expresses to manipulate reality to defend against feelings of anxiety and improper impulses. These processes that distort reality may include burial of a painful feeling or thought out of a person’s consciousness. justification of a person's behavior and motives by substituting "good" reasons for the true motives. Healthy people normally use different defense mechanisms throughout life. A defense mechanism becomes unhealthy only when its persistent use leads to social anxiety behavior such that the mental health of the individual is affected. Among the purposes of ego defense mechanisms is to protect the ego from anxiety or to provide a refuge from a situation with which one cannot currently cope.

Common defense mechanism a story about an elephant

Grandfather and grandson walk in the zoo. The grandson sees an elephant tied with a rope to the ground. The grandson asks the grandfather: “This elephant is so big and the rope is so weak. Why doesn’t the elephant tear the rope and run away?” The grandfather answers him: “The rope was tied to the elephant when he was still a little puppy. He never learned that he could tear this rope himself and go free.”
Like the little elephant around our necks, there is a rope that stops you from being truly free. Around your neck, there is a metaphorical rope that prevents you from moving and acting the way you would like. This rope is the defense mechanism. Usually, you put this rope on yourself at a younger age when you were a child. There are cases where you develop a defense mechanism at a later stage following severe mental trauma. To exist the defense mechanism takes from your life forces. At some point, the mechanism gets out of control and instead of protecting you, it takes over all your actions. Prevents you from doing things you want to do. In this lesson we will learn:
  • What is a defense system?
  • How is it created?
  • What is the role of the defense system today?

Common defense mechanism a natural process

A defense mechanism is a natural process that happens that the mind defends itself after experiencing trauma. The body defends itself with certain actions when it experiences physical trauma. In the same way, the mind develops processes to protect itself when it is harmed.

Common defense mechanism a survival mechanism

The defense mechanism is a survival mechanism. To survive suffering man builds walls so as not to get hurt. he’s at war he needs to build defenses. Sometimes, a child grows up in family conditions that are not suitable for him. He is in a constant situation of judgment and humiliation. Such a child will build high walls for himself so as not to get hurt so as not to feel the pain. To continue to grow and live and develop.
It all starts with a small seed. The defense mechanism is born of trauma. Most often, trauma experienced when you were a small child. You experienced a pain that resulted in you being hurt. For example, you experienced an insult from your mother. To the young child, the past traumatic experience is horrible and terrible. On this experience of mental pain, a thin layer of protection is formed. After a while, you as a small child are met in a situation where you again experience it as an insult from your mother. This experience connects to the previous experience of the insult and another layer of protection is created that protects the child from the pain.

Common defense mechanism a layer of protection

Like any other person, you gain thousands of experiences during your life. Some are not positive. As a child, you develop this layer of protection that thickens. And like its name it protects you from feeling the pain of insult from humiliation. It’s part of what makes you an adult. Otherwise, you would act like a little kid every time you encountered a situation that you would interpret as humiliation.
As an adult, you learn to live between people and situations. You are having pleasant experiences and less pleasant experiences. Sadly, you understand that people are imperfect and the challenges are common to us all. Action is required to advance your goals don’t be afraid to move. To risk love and not be afraid of failure, to risk choosing your profession and not give up on your dreams. The protective layer of its role ends when you grow up and it is your job to release it in peace and choose freedom. A truly free person is one who is no longer subject to his layers of protection. One who directs his actions and does not let the mental mechanisms manage him in his place. The decision is yours and you are free to stop fighting. You no longer need protection. Life is revealed and you can see them as they are

In conclusion

People use Defense mechanisms behaviors to separate themselves from unpleasant events, actions, or thoughts. These mental strategies may help people put distance between themselves and threats or unwanted feelings, such as guilt or shame.
behaviors, like defense mechanisms, are not under a person’s conscious control. Most people do them without understanding the approach they’re using.
Defense mechanisms are a normal, natural part of personal development. Knowing which type you and your loved ones use can help you in future confrontations.

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By Avraham Maor - N.M.C natural medicine counselor/ Life Coach


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