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Philosophy Of Anxiety

Anxiety management course - Change your perception of riality

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Do you experiance the same reality?

Do you experiance the same reality?

You and a friend are sitting in front of a table. On the surface there is an apple. you both look at the apple. In your brain, there are three parts that are currently emerging into action. There is an analytical mind. It takes the signals sent from the eyes and sets the shape and color. At the same time, another part of the brain arises. It recognizes the shape and color and attaches memory to them. It is also called the brain of understanding. He links the analytical form, to the memory of knowledge, and now develops an understanding that what is sent by electrical signals from the eyes is an apple. This celebration joins the third part and it's the mind that has an opinion. He links what the realization is that there is an apple here to memory with emotion and from that connection, he develops an opinion about the apple. The apple is pleasant or unpleasant, fresh or dry, sour or sweet. Now you have an opinion about the apple

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Perception of Reality

In this course, you will understand how you perceive reality and whether you experience the same reality as experienced by those around you.

Do you experiance the same reality?

Reality is different and perceived differently in each of us because each of us has different memories.

Consciousness draws conclusions

The conclusion, the reaction and the emotion are in you. That is what created the anxiety and mental pain. Understanding that there is another interpretation

“Indra” Network

In this part, you learned to understand that all reality is within your realization.You affect everyone else and everyone else affects you.

The Boss

For example, you are at work and the boss comes and talks to you in a disrespectful way. Your response is anger, you feel unjust. The horrible Boss experience is a completely neutral experience...