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Philosophy Of Anxiety

Anxiety management course - Change your perception of riality

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“Indra” Network

“Indra” Network

In the Buddhist teachings, the dharma, there is a metaphor called “Indra net”. A mesh made of delicate threads that surrounds reality and every connection between two threads has a diamond. All diamonds are related to each other. Each diamond is reflected in all the other diamonds and all the other diamonds are reflected in the same diamond. All diamonds affect each other and each and every one of them. When you touch one diamond you touch the other diamonds. William Blake wrote a song that sees the whole world in one grain of sand. The reality you experience exists only for you and it influences and changes depending on how you manage your life. If we make your life as a metaphor as a movie, then everyone else is an actor who embodies different characters in the movie you write and direct. By the same metaphor, you portray a character in a film of each one of the others that one directs and writes. What affects you affects others and what affects others affects yourself. We are all interrelated and we all influence each other. And so, by changing your reaction to reality, you can change reality, change the script of your life's movie and create a new movie free from anxiety and mental pain.

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Perception of Reality

In this course, you will understand how you perceive reality and whether you experience the same reality as experienced by those around you.

Do you experiance the same reality?

Reality is different and perceived differently in each of us because each of us has different memories.

Consciousness draws conclusions

The conclusion, the reaction and the emotion are in you. That is what created the anxiety and mental pain. Understanding that there is another interpretation

“Indra” Network

In this part, you learned to understand that all reality is within your realization.You affect everyone else and everyone else affects you.

The Boss

For example, you are at work and the boss comes and talks to you in a disrespectful way. Your response is anger, you feel unjust. The horrible Boss experience is a completely neutral experience...