secret life mission

Secret Life Mission

  • avimaor 
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We all have a secret life mission that is just unique to us. For example, two twins growing up in the same house with the same family around them. Study in the same educational institutions, with the same circle of friends and in fact spend all their childhood together. Supposedly both are supposed to have the same character, but in fact each will have a different character. Why is that? After all, they have the same memories that are said to formulate the same worldview.

The reason for this comes from previous memories of our birth. We come with baggage from a previous life. A charge that seeks its healing, its repair. The soul is carrying the charge from its first incarnation on earth.

The soul meets us with life events that challenge the same charge that seeks to relax. This is our place to choose. One can be born with the desire for control and will meet life challenges that challenge this place until he chooses to release this desire to control reality and thus remove this charge and his worldview will change accordingly.

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