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Faith is confidence in what we hope for

Faith is confidence in what we hope for

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Faith is confidence in what we hope for. For example, when you feel hungry then something will happen. You create a movement that at the end of her you believe you are satisfied. This movement comes from a lack that is your hunger. You have a deficiency that is a hunger that creates a desire to eat. To fill the lack you create movement. From there arise faith. This movement will stop when eventually you eat and feel satisfied. Life gives you everything you ask for as long as your will for the same thing is true.
But, what happens when my will is not clear enough? What happens when the will for action is influenced by factors that do not benefit me and the life around me? What new beliefs do I create when I am influenced by false wants?

Faith is confidence in what we hope for

  • What happens when your desire for eating creates a movement that you ultimately do not feel full?
  • Does a person eat only when he wants to?
  • What happens when I believe something will happen and unfortunately, it does not happen?
  • How is hope related to will?
  • Is faith confidence in what we hope for?

The urge to eat creates a movement

When you look at any addiction phenomenon you are looking at a person who wants something and is unable to get enough of the same thing. Apparently, if I am eating I believe I will be full. So, Why is it happening that I still do not feel full? Although, I keep eating until my body can not handle it longer. In this case, what we analyze is related to food consumption. But, one can easily demonstrate it for any addiction. You want something that in the end you get pleasure from it. In our case, your pleasure is from consuming pizza. Pizza consists of carbohydrates, sugars, and spices. Also, pizza is available and fast food. It will be a great effort of an animal to reach the number of calories as we get easier thanks to the same pizza. After eating the pizza a physical and emotional memory is created. The body remembers the fast calories it received. The mind remembers the pleasure it received from the pizza and the cultural context. After eating one slice of pizza you want more. The desire for more creates a movement in which you perform some action in which you eat more pizza. 

You becoming a believer

Now you are becoming more a believer that another pizza will give you more pleasure. Indeed, in the first few slices, the pizza gives you more pleasure. Especially when there is a social, family, and emotional connection around the pizza. Probably, you will not notice that the more pizza you eat, the less pleasure you experience. 
The key here is the will. Right now, your desire for enjoyment has increased. The feeling of lacking your experience creates a stronger desire to receive more of the same pleasure. You want more pizza and when you find that one slice is not enough you feel you want more slices. The second slice did not satisfy either. You want another slice and so on until you feel sick. The result is that your faith is disappointed. Eating pizza does not satisfy your hope for pleasure.

Does a person eat only when he wants to?

Most of us live in the world of satiety. Of course, there are cases of famine in the world. But, for the most part, it is temporary and stems mainly from wars and political interests. Most people today do not consume food from hunger. Modern man eats out of cultural and emotional habits. Apparently, your desire for food does not stem from physical hunger, but from emotional hunger. Like most people, you eat because lunch has come and it’s time to take a break. You eat with friends or family in the evening. Going on a romantic date at a restaurant. Snacking in front of the TV you eat because you have an emotional pain that seeks relief. The pain is a lack. Lack creates a desire for movement to fill in the gaps. The desire to eat is a belief in the hope that eating will fill the lack.

How is hope related to will?

Will is a movement caused by a lack. I’m missing something, so I want to fill it. I’m thirsty so I want to drink. Tired, I want to sleep. When I am frustrated I want to feel good. Wish to not feel the pain. Hope is one of the strongest forces in the universe. If the will is the driving force of the universe, then hope is the force that holds the will. There is a lack, a thirst, that arouses a will, to drink. At the moment, a movement is being created. The will to drink makes me move. I go to the kitchen and take a bottle of water from the fridge and a glass from the drawer. I will open the bottle and pour water into the glass and drink. I will quench my thirst and thus the lack and with it. The will created by thirst will disappear. 

What holds all this action together?

What holds all this action together is the hope and with it, the belief that all the actions I have mentioned indeed will eventually lead to the desired result. Without the hope that the will and the hope with it would come true, this would not have happened. This movement affects thousands of actions we take during the day. We hope and believe that the actions we do will lead to the realization of our will. As long as the will itself is true and unaffected by the context and false imaginations then this is a blessed result. Unfortunately, most of my actions and yours are based on false imaginations and shattered hopes.

Is faith confidence in what we hope for?

Every will comes from a lack. I’m missing something so I want it. When I try to find out what my true desire is. I find that he is still hidden behind false imaginings. To reach that true and basic desire I change the question and I ask what am I missing? I find that what I am missing is a “victory”! I want to win! I want to beat my weight, I want to beat my habits, I want to beat my mediocrity. I want to win to stop fighting. When I look at this victory it is hard for me not to ask the question: “What happens after I win?” The answer is that there will always be another battle. I will continue to fight until I make peace within myself.

Compassion and awareness lowers the level of internal conflicts

One of the attributes of creation is “peace” or “harmony”. I develop peace within me by practicing mindfulness and observation. As a result, the feeling of lack decreases, and with it the will to make up for the lack. By learning and acquiring the knowledge I discover the force at work in the universe. To maintain a healthy awareness I develop a belief in the power that is right for me. Learning and evolving the capacity for compassion and awareness lowers the level of internal conflicts. And as a result, the need to constantly fight for what is right. Belief in my infinite potential to have a good impact on the world is confidence that is what we hope for.
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Faith is confidence in what we hope for

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By Avraham Maor - N.M.C natural medicine counselor/ Life Coach


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