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How a need may cause anxiety

How a need may cause anxiety

  • avimaor 
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You feel that something is missing. You have a sense of deficiency. Need for respect, need for attention, need for security, need for amusement, need for love and kindness, need for quiet. A movement created in your mind to fulfill all these needs. It is OK to fulfill our needs. I need love and attention, I need respect, I need quiet in my life, I need money to live, I need food to nourish my body. How does this all relate to suffering? It all has to do with the intention where I fulfill the need and how much I take to fulfill the need. What’s turn eating from nourishment to greed? Why is greed suffering? What’s turned inspiration from someone to envy him? What’s the need for money for our survival to abuse and violence? What’s turn a nice evening drinking with our friends to alcoholism?
We have a need and a desire for something that we do not really understand. We have a hole in our mind that desires for a closer, for healing. We are ignorant and incapable of closing it by yourself. For example,f you are not hungry but you choose to eat because you experience boredom or any other unconscious mental pain. You are eating more and more. This act of overeating makes you believe Consciously and unconsciously you repair the hole in your mind and heal your mental pain. You have a sense of well-being. Unfortunately, this sense will not last. As much you eat or drink or having sex, earn more and more money, and possessions or gain respect by violence you can not repair this hole. To have this sense of well-being of relief you will need more and more. More food, more money, more sex, more respect. This chase is lost and it could devour all your energy and eventually it will lead to anxiety, depression and despair.

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