being fired been the best thing to happen to me

How being fired been the best thing to happen to me?

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A few years ago, I accepted my dream job, as an operations manager at a glamorous new place. I put all my effort and energy into the place and fulfilled all the requirements and beyond to succeed in the position. I felt the job was significant to me and recognizing my abilities and also the salary was right for the size of the job and the investment.

When I found out I am not suitable for the job

After several months of strenuous work, the boss called me to a call and informed me that although he appreciated my efforts he did not find me suitable for the job.
You cannot describe the magnitude of disappointment. My world crashed on me.
Being fired is not easy. Aside from the fear of earning a living, there is a grating sense of insult that makes you think you are not good enough, that despite all the investment you have made you are unsuccessful, that you should once again look for a new job that will give you a living and interest.
Today, I work in a less glittery job and earn less. But, that fits my personality better. It less wastes my time and energy allows me time for my family, learning and developing the way I want to grow.


When the door close for you enter througth the window

Every crisis should be seen as the opening to something new, as my co-worker once told me: “When the door closes for you, you will enter through the window”

The crisis is breaking the current reality, allowing us to create something new and potentially something better that fits us better. Like the same job, seemingly prestigious and glittering. To hold the position I wasted time and energy, which caused mental and physical stress and as compensation for it, I spent more money. Thus, his wages went out in his loss. The excess effort resulted in more spending which limited and reduced me. The job did not suit me, which caused the crisis to emerge.


fix a broken reality

The solution is actually hidden in every crisis. When we come across a layoff, we should realize that this place and job was not good for us. Here is an opportunity to get something better and more suitable for us. Such a view of a crisis opens up a broader view of reality and a fresh acceptance of the opportunities that are ahead of us.
So where does this take you now in a state of broken reality? You have a chance here, get off the chair and shake off the insult and despair. And to make this broken reality a better and more rectified reality. You have all the resources and talents for that.

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By Avraham Maor - N.M.C natural medicine counselor/ Life Coach


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