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how facing the bakery make me crash a habit

How facing the bakery make me crash a habit

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facing bakery crash habit
The “Bakery” sign twinkled in its magical light. Aromas of fresh bread lured me into the dangerous area of ​​bread, savory pastries, and cakes. Kinds of rolls rested gracefully on them inside the baskets welcome me to take them to love them.

how facing the bakery make me crash a habit

Facing bakery crash habit. My love for carbs has accompanied me for years since I was a little kid. For me, the sandwich was the diamond in the crown. Mayonnaise and vegetable sandwich, pastrami and mustard sandwich, hot meat sandwich, an omelet sandwich. As I got older, I hooked up with the savory and sweet pastries. My emotional world is attached to food. My psyche is associate with eating. Every emotional state: joy, excitement, sadness, frustration, and depression was accompanied by eating. Experience of loneliness that goes with it for many years. The food I had for a friend and long hours of watching TV with a sandwich and various snacks became a habit.
I have gotten married over the years. Now I am approaching the sixth decade of my life. I realized there was no choice. Years of failure to lose weight have led me to develop a different wanting. Instead of wanting to be thin, I develop the wish to be healthy.
The wish to be healthy comes from a feeling of lack of health. I am overweight in old age. That means I do not sleep well, suffer from high blood pressure, fatty liver, and the onset of diabetes. The feeling of the sick, the lack of health promotes a movement of the will to be healthy.
Following that, I learned to be a natural health consultant. I learned how to eat in the right way and what is healthy food. advise a person to recover naturally by changing lifestyle instead of using medication. Studies develop the wish to be a natural health consultant. This will increase the wish to lose weight.

How can I advise others to change their lifestyle if I did not do it myself?

Successfully, This wish was strong enough and thanks to it I lost 40 pounds. Personal crises and especially the recognition that the road to becoming a natural health consultant is still long. I lack the knowledge and patience to advise others. This recognition has weakened the will to lose weight to advise others on natural health. Which led to a failing in my eating ethic and rapid weight gain. Which leads me back to the situation where I am facing the bakery, facing a variety of temptations for the hungry soul.
Seemingly, the situation I am in front of the bakery door is neutral. The craving, or rather, the thought of purchasing those delicious pastries is also neutral. Because the thought has not yet come into action. To work with this craving I will use a model that comes from the world of behavioral psychology and is called a situation, interpretation, emotional, and response model. Or in the short SIER model.

Facing bakery crash habit: Step One: The situation

The situation is that I am standing in front of the bakery door and have a wish to buy pastries. The situation itself is emotionless. There is me and there is a bakery and there is a desire. In the situation itself, there is no degree. It is neither a bad nor a good situation, neither simple nor complicated. Most simplistically, there is, there is me, a bakery and a will.

Facing bakery crash habit: Step Two: Interpretation

In the situation, I am in front of the bakery door feel like buying pastries. At this point, I make a commentary on the situation. I want delicious pastries. I’m looking for emotional compensation because I want pastries. I wish for pastries because I am weak in character. Because of my love for pastries, I wish for pastries. I want pastries because I’m fat. I am gluttonous therefore I wish for pastries.
Interpretation is a result of worldviews, of my physical and emotional state at that moment. My memories are also a significant factor in my version. The interpretation of the situation goes through the filters that are unique to me. What is significant to know at the moment is that the interpreting is changeable. It is not absolute. I can doubt it.
For example, the interpretation of a situation where the will to buy pastries is because I am greedy. In my ability, by asking questions, to question interpretation. Is it always that I want to buy pastries is it always because I’m greedy? Am I a glutton? Are there cases where I am not greedy? What is this voice that says I’m greedy?
The truth is not absolute. There are times when my desire for pastries stems from gluttony. However, there are other cases where my desire comes for other reasons. It could be that it is due to a decrease in the sugar level. It may be due to an authentic mental need.

Facing bakery crash habit: Step Three: Emotion

Interpretation breeds emotion. If the interpretation is negative, most of the time the emotion will be negative. A positive emotion will follow a positive interpretation. To change the emotion embrace from the situation it is recommended to change the version of it first. But, in many cases you will come across a case where the interpretation is positive, but, the emotion is still negative. It is a case where you can interpret the situation out of mental awareness, but the emotion still exists and refuses to be released. Emotions can be changed. With the help of tools from the world of NLP and with the help of observation and inquiry.

Facing bakery crash habit: Step Four: The reaction

Over the years, I have learned to understand that situation standing in front of the bakery door. It is mostly a habit. I have habits that I have developed over the years. Habits as any of us have. Habits that are very difficult to dislodge and break. Habits are within the reaction phase. Interpretation and emotion can be practiced and changed. But, changing habits requires strong willpower. Since I am used to finding comfort in bakery products then the interpretation of the situation is I want comfort. As a result, the emotion that will accompany the interpretation will be an illness at best and apathy at worst. response required from the situation is a call to break the habit

How do you break habits?

To break the habit I create a gap between me and the habit. I develop a habit awareness and I create observation, which promises, a new space of opportunity. To break free from an old pattern is to choose differently. Start with a small mental change and then take a new step towards the goal. The habit I want to have more to have pleasure. I will prepare myself in advance. Before the next purchase, I imagine I am in front of the bakery door and choose to ignore the pastries. In the moment of truth, I stand in front of the pastry shelf and choose to direct my desire for pleasure to something higher than the desire to experience pleasure by consuming pastries. I choose a higher goal than the desire to be healthy. The desire to be essential. The desire to be in a higher place than the submission to the lower desires. You can use prayer or a mantra. Stop for a moment and be in the same high place. I am now making contact with the higher source experience. I am filled with confidence that my will is fulfilled in another way. It is time to say thank you to the Creator who gave me the strength to overcome instinct.
This process opens a space from the old pattern. close the experience of satisfaction that rests on a higher source. Do not be in illusions. It is not an easy process and requires practice. But, the fact that you can express opposition to the habit is a huge step. Small step to larger step until breaking the habit.

Image by Uki Eiri from Pixabay

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By Avraham Maor - N.M.C natural medicine counselor/ Life Coach


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