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How do you get out of the feeling that everything is stuck and make life harmonize

How faith allows harmony with life?

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Life brings us to a state we stop and no longer know how to move forward. We are no longer in control of what is happening to us. We seem to lose the ground we stand on. Everything seems stuck and clogged and there seems to be no solution.
Are we trying to figure out how this situation can get us to a better place?
This experience in which we feel lost is a state of recognition where reason and vision do not exist with us. And instead, fears and imaginations come in. In fact, we are in the dark.

What are we doing?

When we are out in the dark, the only thing that can keep us from falling is faith. The belief that everything happens as a result of conditions and circumstances. That there is an opening for something better to happen. Faith can exist in a state of misunderstanding and uncertainty. The belief that darkness leads to light.

Seek the light in the dark

As we enter a state of consciousness, we begin to seek the light in the dark. We begin to seek the solutions and not the problems. The way we look at reality is expanding and opportunities that we have not noticed are beginning to emerge.

Flow with river of life

When we “flow” with the river of life, we are in a state of blight. The stream of life sometimes makes us swoon over who is at ease. Sometimes strikes us on a rock and causes the boat to roll over. From what may happen, I can get into a state of worry and stress and anxiety. This condition closes the mind. As I adjust to my observing and exploring consciousness, I flow with the stream of life, cleverly navigating ‘finding the right currents. I take a more in-depth look at myself and what happens to me and the opportunities and solutions that life unfolds in front of me.

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By Avraham Maor - N.M.C natural medicine counselor/ Life Coach


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