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Michael fascinated black eyes make clear values meaningful goals

How Michael’s charming eyes lead clear values for meaningful goals

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How Michael fascinated eyes make clear values meaningful goals?
Michael sat across from me, he smiled through his sad black eyes. He came to me for training two weeks ago. He asked me to help him take responsibility for himself. Listen, I asked him. You are a person with many abilities and many skills. But, it is very difficult for you to take responsibility for what is important to you. As you have said on several occasions you want to take responsibility for your life. Right now, you are in a situation where you are not taking responsibility for your life. That is, you are in the opposite position to a very important value in your personality. You conflict. On the one hand, you want to take responsibility for yourself, and on the other hand, you do not want to take responsibility for your life. It is this gap that creates pain and frustration in your life.

Clear values meaningful goals

Identifying your values is extremely important, as they are your greatest source of intrinsic motivation. When you act in high alignment with your core values, it results in satisfaction, a sense of joy, fun, and joy of doing. On the other hand, if there is a big gap between the way you manage your life and your core values over time, it can lead to frustration, burnout, depression, and chronic stress that can even cause medical and mental damage.

What are values?

The word comes from what I value for myself. There are things that I value highly. There are things that I value less. Value is an expression of will. If there is a certain value it is a sign that it stems from my will which is expressed in the values.
The expression is personal and expresses the original will of each of us. Integrity is a value, if you have that value it is part of your inner will that your actions have integrity in them. The inner will consists of a list of values. It is your inner self that consists of a list of values ​​and is assured of the importance of a particular value in the scale. Values ​​that I have at the top of the list and values ​​that I put at the bottom of the list are what characterize me
Values ​​are what make us different from each other. Giving is an important value for me and I make the right effort to contribute to the community. This is my will. Therefore, this is my value. Maybe your main value is the truth. You want to seek truth and explore the truth. I appreciate one thing and you appreciate another and the third appreciate something completely different and that is what separates us all and can cause conflicts.

Value properties

clear values meaningful goals .Values come from the subconscious, from our worldviews, from the way we grew up, and also from the effects before birth. There are values we approach, these are enjoyable values. They are values (emotional states) that you find enjoyable and want to experience over and over again. For example, you may pursue love, passion, health, comfort, adventure, confidence, freedom, success, etc.
There are values that we move away from, that we do not connect to that they do us no good. These are painful values. They are values (emotional states) that you will do almost anything to avoid. For example, loneliness, humiliation, guilt, depression, frustration, anger, rejection, criticism, etc.
Love is a goal value that you are interested in. The emotional state you want. Family and money are means and means. Through them, you achieve the value of your goal. Most people do not understand the difference between goal values and means values so they experience a lot of pain. People are too busy searching for the values of the means until they do not achieve their true desire: the values of their purpose. Goal values are those values that satisfy you, that make your life rich and rewarding.

Why is it important to know your values?

Knowing the values makes an order in life, understanding what is more important to me? Understand what measures I will take to uphold my values and what I will take away from me. What is accessible and close to me and what is far from me. Solve the tangles between conflicting values.
Knowing your values lets you know what motivates you. Gives you self-awareness to know what sets you apart from others. What is your true desire? If you know this you can come back to yourself even if you got lost.
To live according to my higher self, my soul, the beating heart of body and mind I must know what my values are to live according to my values.
When, I build for myself a vision, in which I want to be famous and my values I discover that the most important value to me is the truth. There may be a conflict here because a person whose vision of being famous will build for himself an advertisement that can be far from the truth. That is, from its basic value. And if in addition to that there are also values like modesty, then I am not in the right direction. Clarifying values builds a path that allows a person to direct his vision precisely. In the vision, we will examine that the values that are important to it are indeed expressed.

It's not just values

Morality – a set of principles, beliefs, commitments, and virtues that should guide and characterize a person’s proper and good behavior, including fairness, honesty, justice, respect, concern, kindness, compassion, empathy, trustworthiness, tolerance, responsibility, and commitment. These moral systems, which suppress or regulate selfishness by empathizing, caring, and respecting the rights of others, prevent conflicts with the environment, facilitate communication and understanding, and enable the proper conduct of social life and cooperative communities.
Ethics – the rules of proper behavior, that is, the application and manner of practical expression of man, in light of the moral principles that man has accepted. Ethics is related to the framework of relationships and in a particular context of the time, society, or culture, as well as relationships in the field of the profession. A person’s ethical behavior is a personal choice that stems from his loyalty to internal moral systems that serve as a compass for his behavior.
Values ​​are not an absolute value. Some values will hold for a lifetime. But, some values change with age and with the development of the person according to his family, professional change, and beliefs.
Borrowed values ​​- there are dreams that I dream about others and I want them to fulfill that dream for me and there are dreams that others dream about me and they ask that I fulfill it. The values ​​are a dream they dreamed of me. Our parents have a certain dream, certain values ​​and they want us to continue the dream. But, this dream may not be right for us. For example, the parent is a commander in the army and seeks to convey to his son values ​​of the organization, order, and loyalty to the state. They may be very important values ​​for the parent, but for the child, these values ​​are less important and he appreciates art and aesthetics.
Money is not value. Is a means of achieving other values. It confers possibilities. Behind it are values ​​like security and freedom. Once you have more money you have more options for freedom and it gives you financial security.

Michael fascinated black eyes

All we have is our human resources. It’s about your talents and skills, your and the pulsating enthusiasm in us. We must find time for ourselves each day to ask ourselves why we are here, how we live, and whether we make the most of the gifts that life has given us.
Building the personal vision according to the three parameters: meaningful goal, clear values, and a picture of the future allows us to define for ourselves who we are, where we are going and what will guide us on our way. To create the best future we want, we must pay attention to life Frequent with our dreams.
clear values meaningful goals

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By Avraham Maor - N.M.C natural medicine counselor/ Life Coach


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