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how to anchor association and disassociation

How to anchor association and disassociation

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Association and disassociation. Life is a transition from experience to experience when there can be a break between them, but for the most part, it is a growing sequence of experiences both internal within the mind and external. You get up in the morning and experience an awakening. The experience is both physical and mental. An external experience of a body that awakens from a night’s sleep and also an internal experience of a mind that awakens for another day. You can get up happy and energized for another day or depressed and nervous you need to get up. In the external experience, the body gets up alert and energetic for a day of activity and the body can also get up tired and it will take you a long time until you can wake it up. So on you go from an internal and external experience until you fall asleep and then you experience sleep.

how to anchor association and disassociation

So, what happens to you at the same time in the totality of all but the experiences. where are you? In the world of modern psychology, there is a concept called association and disassociation. It is a concept that describes your connection with the experience in the present and also in your relationship to the experience in the past. During life, you have designed an action pattern within the brain and today you seek to change them because they do not allow you to move forward. You seek to connect to your strengths and abilities and stop connecting to the difficult and complicated places. Once you focus on complication and pain you get entangled with yourself and get stuck and once you focus on your abilities and strengths you consciously think which allows you the right to choose and break free from slavery to habits. Your subconscious mind guides you and tells you what to do. Your option is to acknowledge this fact. Why did I get upset now? Why am I frustrated? Why did I talk to this person in one way or another? Why did I do this or that?
When you are in the association you are in being. The point of view is directed into the experience and you connect to it and re-experience it. In disassociation, you look at the experience from the outside because you are not inside the experience itself. The talk about the experience is in the past tense and is also usually narrated with indifference. An association is a feeling of experience and in disassociation, you look at the experience. If you are in the association then you will use more of the emotion, the senses, the tone of speech in body language. The advantage of this essay is emotion and its expression The downside of this essay is the flooding of emotions, irrationality, drift, tendency to exaggerate, and out of proportion. Disassociation is that it gives you a perspective on the experience, wisdom, logic, and analysis of the experience.
Cold, distance, excessive rationality this is the downside to disassociation? . You live in your thoughts instead of experiencing reality.

The recipe for a good life

It is very difficult to break away from bad experiences. You need mental flexibility. You want to decide when it is good to be connected to the experience and when it is better to disconnect from the experience. When you have a good experience of success or love that your child runs to hug you when you get back from work. It is an experience that you very much want to be connected to be there in this special moment. Alternatively, that you are driving and someone is cutting you off on the road you choose to disengage from this experience and not experience anger, disengage from the experience, and treat it wisely rather than emotionally. To do this, it is very worthwhile for you to practice flexibility and voluntary control in connecting and disconnecting from the experience.
Everyone has all the resources they need. You will know that at that given moment you have everything you need to accomplish your task at that moment. When you come and say you have no self-confidence! So the truth is that you have self-confidence – it just is not accessible to you at the moment. The question you need to ask yourself is how do I approach this self-confidence that is not currently accessible to me? You have peace you can find that peace within you now. Some people are connected and some are disconnected. When you learn to be connected to your abilities you become a less limited person, than you are now.

The anchor - a connection point for the soul

Like a computer connected to the Internet with the help of a WIFI point, so too does the mind have a connection point from which it takes its powers. All the time you are in and acting out of conditions. When you see chocolate or a cigarette it will activate something in you. I mean, you saw chocolate or a cigarette, a condition was created: “When I see chocolate or a cigarette then I run” the action can be one way or another. What I am asking you to understand is that there is a reason or condition for every action you take. There are also internal conditions in the mind. For example, you can remember something and it is a condition for you to feel happy or sad at the moment depending on the memory you have experienced. You seek to take advantage of this state of mind called conditions and create for yourself artificial conditions that will work in your favor.

There are different types of anchor:

Touch – for example, you are in mourning and are constantly being hugged. The touch of connection is a condition for your connection to sadness.
Image – When you see an image of a loved one in your past, of your past or even your girlfriend from the past, what emotion does it activate in you?
Space – For example, a football stadium. What emotional-mental state do you get into when you arrive at the stadium?
Sound – Apply music that makes you jump and change the music that calms you down. Music is a condition for a particular state of mind such as religious or meditative music.
Education (reward/punishment as a result of an action) – as a child you want to drink beer. Your father allows you, but on the condition that you drink or all the beer. You drink, get nauseous, and vomiting. Since you can not drink beer.

conclusion - how to anchor association and disassociation

You can connect to the experience or not. Mental and mental flexibility is a sure recipe for you for a good life. Connecting to or disconnecting from the experience can benefit you depending on the circumstances of the experience. If the experience is beneficial to you you should very much connect to it and experience it and feel it. If the experience does not serve you, you should disconnect from it and observe it from a distance. You can use this mental ability to your advantage. You can create an anchor that will put you in a state of connection or disconnection from the experience.

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By Avraham Maor - N.M.C natural medicine counselor/ Life Coach


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