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How to End Confusing achievement with doing

How to End Confusing achievement with doing

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Confusing achievement with doing

How to End Confusing achievement with doing? It is easy to get confused between ambition and action. The achievement is to reach a certain point in the result. Thee want to learn the guitar and you want to get married. You want to be more assertive and you want to work in a job that will make you more satisfied. Doing is playing the guitar, getting married, being assertive, and working at a job that makes you happy.
You can control the action, but not the result. You can play the guitar, but you won’t become a rock star. Thou can get married, but you may not be happy. You may behave assertively, but you will not receive a response accordingly. The achievement outcome also depends on the elements of luck and opportunity. You cannot control the outcome of your actions. Therefore, what is useful is to focus on doing yourself the actions you do, your behavior, and the decisions you make.

Confusing achievement with doing Confusing what to do and wanting to do

Above all, There are many reasons for Confusing achievement with doing. There are social circles around you that affect you. Your close circle of family and close friends and wider circles of co-workers, neighbors, and acquaintances to the neighborhood you live in, the city, and the state. All these circles influence you and direct your thinking between your true ambitions and what needs to be done.
You have to work in a particular job because that’s the way it is in society. You have to spend a certain amount of time because you read in a magazine that is the right way to spend it. You dress a certain way and you hear the music because that’s what’s popular. You are constantly influenced by your surrounding.
Stop! What do you want? What needs to be done is done rashly, running from the head, contradicting each other, and full of guilt. True will comes from the stomach and is more solid and lasting. Slow down before making a decision and ask yourself: Is this what I want to do or what I think I should do? Wait! What answer comes from your core base? Which of your most fundamental values? Which needs to meet the expectations of others. Your true will comes from the stomach.
One that is not based on others but deep and committed values of your own. If it comes from there, your core base, go for it.

Confuse skill and emotion

besides when Confusing achievement with doing. You may not have the skills to play the guitar or you may need help learning. But, for instance, being able to communicate with your partner or be a person of conversation and trust is also a skill. Do not confuse abilities and emotions with skills that can be learned.
At this moment, you want to acquire a certain skill and  you have feelings of self-denial, feelings of failure, and self-doubt. In the world, we live in today’s knowledge is available and you can learn anything with the help of online guidance and other databases. Embrace yourself a quality of determination and pursuance. As you continue to progress, your opportunity for success will come.

Lack of resources when Confusing achievement with doing

When you move from theory to practice. You realize you have no money for musical studies and leaving the job now is not practical. When you have no time or energy to go to study. Rethinking is the place. to think out of the box. Be creative and understand that there are more ways to achieve your ambitions. Prioritize your time and energy and set clear priorities. What you don’t want is to give up and feel trapped.
End Confusing achievement with doing. The bold step to get to where you want to be is not accessible right
now. This is the opportunity to advance to your goal in baby steps. Upgrade your work to “Work for now”. This is your step towards the next step. Use online teaching to learn music. You are not giving up your hope here but moving forward despite all the obstacles.

Confusing achievement with doing Anxiety concerns worry

If resources are the practical side, then anxiety is the emotional side. Anxiety concerns worry, and worry can take different forms. Sometimes the excess information overwhelms you. When you come to choose the right lesson or whatever comes from leaving the workplace. Or worrying about the reaction of the people who are close to you. You worry about not finding the right job or finding something worse. You worry that if you become more assertive your friends will stay away from you.
To end Confusing achievement with doing. The real problem is what you think is a problem. Your anxieties disrupt your rational mind. To deal with this you will write down the worst-case scenario you can imagine and then come up with a game plan that you can handle. For example, how to talk to those close to you about your feelings and desires. Don’t let your anxieties stop you. Find the right way to calm them down and push them out of your system.

Confusing achievement with doing Ambivalence what you want to do

You know what you don’t want to do but, you have no idea what you want to do. The ambiguity manages you. You do your best to sort out your needs and desires and push aside anxiety. After all, you still “feel” decisively.
The key here is a few things. One is that you often need more information about music lessons or a particular career you want to develop. In general, Learn to trust your gut reactions, think of them as 
emotional pain. If, for example, you get a sudden craving for pizza, or call an old friend – do it. This is not a pizza or a friend, but decisive action, and through experimentation and play you learn to trust these gut reactions. Which ultimately helps you stay away from your needs and anxieties. And develop the ability to dare and decide.

Self-criticism, perfectionism

Because you expect to do it right you don’t what ultimately leads to mistakes. Of course, this has to do with the confusion between doing and achievement. The confusion between needs and wants. High expectations of yourself evoke a critical inner voice. Doing things perfectly or not doing them at all is a terrible way to manage your life.
Don’t get confused about achievement if you want to get around the same critical voice. You can take guitar lessons and find out you don’t like to play. This experience is not a big deal. Except for the critical voice that tells you wasted your time. This is the opportunity to listen to the voice of an inner acknowledgment that you were curious and happy about this experience. That you left your job because you suffered there, that you left because you finally realized that you needed and that you were proud that you dared to take action. You have some of what happened as a result, but not complete control over it.
Next, you can take this step a step further. Understand that your self-criticism may be a problem that limits your life. Don’t feed the dragon and try to be more and more perfect, and don’t beat yourself up because you are self-critical, but try to lower those standards

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By Avraham Maor - N.M.C natural medicine counselor/ Life Coach


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