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Internal Demons - Reopen the contract

Internal Demons – Reopen the contract

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internal demons reopen contract – internal forces that prevent us to act despite our habits. We give them energy in the way we sustain it by identification. To resolve it we are required to be aware of them and reopen the contract with them to gain control of our actions.

Internal Demons - Reopen the contract

I pressed the Play button. The video ran in front of my eyes. The character on the screen spoke wearily, the body was slightly bent, the eyes were closed. The sound was not clear either and the camera seemed to shake occasionally. I listened again to the outgoing words and only heard vague passages and ideas. Thoughts wandered to the reviews, eyes rolling in embarrassment. For the mocking laughter. Chest pressure rose. There was no choice but to click the “Publish” button
I spend the morning working on the article. At first, I wrote it, and again I renovated, did the proofreading. Chest pressures have already begun to rise. The plan was, in the end, to make a video from it. The figure of a friend came to my mind speaking to me with irony. I positioned the camera and did experiments with the lighting. Looking for the right angles to hide the flaws in my face. On the first try, I could not utter a word. On the second try, I stuttered. The third attempt ended with the understanding that I would not be able to reach the result I was trying to reach.
So what stops me from writing the article, filming the video, and publish the message I have to express. I’m stuck in the process. I know I have the ability and creativity to write. Despite all this, I realize that I have a certain barrier or rather certain forces that do not allow me to move forward.

Inner Demons - Unknown Mental Forces

What are those inner demons, those unknown psychic powers that hinder us from moving forward. Dark forces only talk about fear, defense, and despair. Showing us what is wrong with us and what we should be careful of?
Internal demons reopen contract. Inner demons are the same forces in the psyche that stop us from taking action in reality. Actions that require physical, mental, and emotional effort against our habits. I want to eat right against my harmful eating habits. Practice against my habit of laziness. Delve into my propensity for superficiality. As a result, resistance arises. Voices that say, that I cannot do and offer me solutions of escape and avoidance.

Love and hate – My relationship with change

Internal Demons - Defense Mechanism

The psychic forces in the world of personal development and modern psychology are called defense mechanisms. This means that there is a power, seemingly independent, that acts separately from us and is nourished by us. By our life force. We sustain it by identification. If we do not identify with him we will not feed him – he will not exist. It can be called a demon because it is a force that tricks and deceives. He promises us that he will protect us from what we are afraid of, and in fact, he is the one who creates the fear. The demon creates the fear of acting and then tells us stories and gives us solutions that only intensify the fear, thus sustaining it. When I believe the story, I identify with the demon and nourish it with my life energy. The more I identify with it the more I inflate it and empower it.

How are inner demons created?

Most often, demons are born in the early years of man’s life. Whenever we were caught in an unpleasant situation where we experienced humiliation or fear. To protect himself the child creates an imaginary friend who protects him from further humiliation or fear. Over the years the imaginary friend intensifies and grows. Protects the adolescent child from similar situations. In fact, in the first years of its existence, the imaginary friend is a loyal friend he creates clear boundaries and behavioral norms that stop the adolescent child from getting into dangerous or degrading situations. For example how to behave according to his age? How to deal with an authority figure? Identify danger factors. As the child grows older he learns to live independently and release the bodyguard. When, it does not happen the imaginary friend becomes a demon, which prevents the older person from living life in a balanced and healthy way.

To reopen the contract

In the training sessions, we learn to identify inner demons. The psychic forces that guide us. We recognize the way they helped us and also their way to harm us. We seek to know how we would have been without those external psychic powers and what would have happened if we had given them less power. At the training session, I ask to open the contract in front of the demon. Convince him to reduce his control over me. Give me the freedom to control my actions in front of him.
Internal demons reopen contract. The more we act in opposition to our inner demons the less they activate us. Inner demons work and exist on the conditions. “If you just speak better they will listen to you, if you are more sturdy, smarter, more coherent they will respect you”. The inner demons are smart and speak to the point, but the wisdom is to identify what the motives of those voices are. Are they voices asking for improvement in what I do or voices asking me to refrain from action.

The power of faith outweighs the forces of demons

“You speak calmly and in a clear and flowing way, the content and the message are levels, you pass a screen with great grace, pleasant to watch you, you are good. I do not get along with what you told me about yourself” Ruthie wrote to me in comments The inner demon is a delusion. As self-belief increases, so does the power of the demon. The more I cancel the conditions for the actions I want to take, the weaker the energy level for resistance will be. Doing and creating will work in a flow to a successful outcome

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