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Love and hate - My relationship with change

Love and hate – My relationship with change

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Love and hate – My relationship with change. The coming change is like a shadow of despair. Recent times have been a good time for me. The free time available staying at home gave me the ability to focus on what was important to me. To the goals and objectives, I’m aiming for. Now that the signs of change to return to the previous routine begin to appear, a feeling of missing out arises.

Love and hate – My relationship with change

We all have relationships of love and hate for change. When life flows and everything works out. You feel good in body and soul. Your relationship with your partner is great. You feel good around people. Creator, prolific, and full of inspiration and good ideas. You don’t want things to change. Stay the way it is now. As a result, you develop a fear of change because it’s good for you now and you don’t want that to change.
However, if things get tough. When life doesn’t shine as brightly as you expect it to. You don’t feel so good, in body and soul. Your mood is poor. You’re in financial difficulty and your relationship with your partner is poor. You feel distant in people’s company, bored of life. You want things to change. As a result, you wish for change because it’s not good for you right now and you want things to change.
You want things to change. But, the change can be unexpected and far from the result you wish for. I mean, if you’re in a bad relationship, in a job you don’t like or your self-image is bad, you work for change, and then when things change, you find that the change was to your detriment. The result of the change is devastating for you and brings you greater frustration and despair.

"Change is the only permanent thing in life" (Heraclitus)

The electron circulating the neutron. The planets are circulating in galaxies. Time and space create movement. Change is an inevitable consequence of the movement. The only thing he’s given to trust that stays constant is the change.
In life nothing stays fixed we are born and die. Your relationships are changing. You’re moving somewhere else. Friends come and go. You’re a career changer and a job changer. The political, economic, and social situation is changing.
You’re changing, too. You are maturing and developing the physical and health situation is changing and with it, your perceptions of life are also changing. What you’ve been thinking about reality is changing. Your opinions and your lifestyle. Everything changes as the conditions and circumstances change. Every sense of stability is fictitious, the reality is constantly falling apart and changing and it is important to recognize the constant nature of change is the flow of life, it is the nature of the universe.

Can you know for sure that it's true, that it's true?

As we’ve said before, change is inevitable. It’s part of life. The reality we’re experiencing. And if your experience of change is bad, that means you don’t accept reality as it is. You oppose the change in reality that forces you. The difficulty you experience is the difference between reality and what you want to happen in reality. Or as we say in our language, your pain is between what happens and what you want to happen.

My relationship with change

You’re in a relationship. At first, you were satisfied with the relationship, love experience, sharing, and beauty. As time goes on the change happens on its own and the relationship develops. You may not be connecting to change. Enthusiasm becomes a habit and brings with its effort to maintain the relationship. Now you want a change. Requesting a new relationship. You also want to regenerate yourself, the couple’s routine has caused you to gain weight and exercise less. You look at yourself in the mirror and seek to improve what you see. You find out you’re not earning enough and you should increase your income.

Can you know for sure what suppose to happen?

It’s my understanding that humans can’t see the future. We can guess what the future will be out of the experience. When we tried one thing and realized what the outcome of that action was. We can make an informed guess and expect a result out of probability. But, when I’m in a relationship and we want to change it. How do I know for a fact that the result of the change will be what you expect to happen? Sometimes we’ll find ourselves in the same kind of relationship. Very similar to the same kind of relationship that we sought to change.

Do I know better than God/ Life/ Reality What should be?

Our vision of reality is limited. Our vision is limited. We are bound by our human limitations, space, and time. I cannot see the endless conditions and circumstances that are reality. Sometimes, reality invites us unpleasant and even painful events at the individual level and the national and global level. How can I judge the reality that disaster shouldn’t have existed, or that I was delayed an hour in traffic? Can I judge something I can’t change? Is there any gain in me dealing with the very existence of the traffic jam?

You don't have to love or hate change.

Change is an essential and permanent part of human life in particular and in the whole reality. The physical universe is constantly on the move. Our unlimited human consciousness is capable of containing change. Loving or hating my relationship with change limits me. The very fact that I say that I love the change or hate the change limits my consciousness. The correct attitude to change is accepting change as it is the right way to accept that there is change, it is inevitable and when I accept it without love and hatred in a balanced way I can accept the change without the suffering involved.
Love and hate – My relationship with change

Image by Robert Allmann from Pixabay

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By Avraham Maor - N.M.C natural medicine counselor/ Life Coach


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