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Memories bring you back how rare and tremendous

Memories bring you back how rare and tremendous

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Memories bring you back how rare and tremendous. The evening was cool and pleasant. On the table stood a steaming jug of coffee and a plate of cookies. My wife and I sat with our phones and planned the trip approaches. We have scheduled the dates and booked the hotel. The vacation was planned as an active desert vacation. We both worked hard to find guides and activities for the variety of actions we were looking to experience. The tension that was in the air and we both sighed at the noble mission. We are not used to going out for such an active vacation and certainly not organizing it ourselves. We looked into each other’s eyes “What do you wish for us?” I asked and she replied “have fun, just have fun”

How simple it is to say it will be fun and how complicated it is

Most of us carry a heavy travel backpack. As you get older and the days go by the more you load up on this bag. You force him with your broken dreams. The disappointments and expectations that did not materialize from yourself and others. You are loading it up with your aged body. As the body matures the vitality disappears and with it, good health and everything starts to creak. You carry all the prejudices, jealousy, your previous relationships, and the other traumas that scarred your mind. It’s all in a big, heavy bag on your shoulders. You step up and continue to load the bag over and over until it is unbearably heavy. The straps of the bag are wrapped around your shoulders and you find two clips connecting the straps. To free yourself from the bag and drop it on the floor, you have to put both your thumbs up and click on the clips. How simple and complicated.

Memories bring you back how rare and tremendous

Join me for a guided imagery exercise. Sit comfortably. Close your eyes. Breathe through the nose. Take a long inhale inward and a long exhale outward. Do this several times until you feel relaxed and at ease. And now imagine yourself walking up the mountain. The path is comfortable and wide, the air is clean and clear. The forest around you is pleasant and accessible. You hear birds chirping. And yet, despite all the pleasantness around you are uncomfortable. You’re carrying a heavy backpack. You keep walking. Feel the pleasant air. Enjoying the birds chirping. But, the bag is too heavy and pulls you down. You stop. Place your right thumb on the right clip and your left thumb on the left clip. In perfect coordination, you press the clips that lock the straps of the bag to your shoulders and the bag falls to the floor with a thumping sound.
You feel a little strange, a slight sense of panic in the new situation. But a new feeling fills you. A feeling of lightness. You spread your arms to the sides over your shoulders and stretch your chest and inhale deeply. A sense of release and relief fills you. The sunlight caresses you gently and you move freely. Your steps are easy and agile. You are in harmony with everything that is happening around you. It’s time to keep breathing through your nose with your eyes closed and slowly open your eyes and return to the here and now. It is the time and place you take this experience with you. Being relieved from the heavyweight of life.

Memories store in your subconscious

Memories bring you back how rare and tremendous. From childhood, you collect memories and store them in your subconscious. Every memory has an emotion that envelops it like a shell. Painful memories with a negative energy charge will be stored in the layers closer to consciousness. Memories with a positive emotional charge will be stored in the next layer. Within the depths of consciousness will be stored the memories with the neutral charge and deeper the memories that have been neutralized from any emotional charge. Memories remain with us forever and probably pass with us to the next incarnation.
The memories with the negative emotional charge require a solution. They want to balance. They attract situations that are embedded in opportunities to balance the negative emotion in the memory. For example, I carry a memory with negative emotion in the form of humiliation. Sometime, probably in my childhood years. Someone close to me humiliated me and hurt my dignity. Since then I carry that memory with a painful and negative emotional charge. To balance, I long for a situation where my manager allegedly humiliates me at work and harms my dignity. 

The situation is subject to interpretation

Seemingly, there is a situation here that is subject to interpretation. First Interpretation The manager hates me and he is a terrible person who does not consider me and my honor. So, he humiliates me and I will answer him back. I will humiliate him in front of everyone. I have respect! There may be another interpretation of the situation that the manager is humiliating me and hurting my dignity because I continue to make mistakes and damage work. The manager also has a manager above him and he has to give an account. A third possibility is that he did not humiliate me at all and hurt my honor but told me matters of criticism from his role as manager.
It turns out that you have a free choice to choose in the face of the situation. If I choose the first option of a manager who humiliates me because of his bad character. I will collect another memory with a negative emotional charge. If I choose to approach the situation out of awareness and compassion I will be able to balance the negative charge on the memory. Most likely, the chance that I will encounter a similar situation will decrease.

Memories bring you back how rare and tremendous - Conclusion

The guided imagery exercise you performed earlier is a workaround for memory therapy. It is good and helpful, to experience freedom in life without the negative and heavy burden of painful memories. There are cases and opportunities that are indeed as simple as it is. The guided imagination exercise works and you manage to release a little from a load of memories on your shoulders. Usually, releasing consciousness from a load of memories is more complicated and requires work and practice. Developing knowledge accumulation awareness. The process of personal development is not a short process it requires a long-term vision. You required setting goals for short and long term goals. Especially a deep understanding that the road never ends and there is not a point where one gets to that rest. Because the potential of your soul is infinite There is always more to strive for. In the spiritual tradition, it is about the wheel of life and death. Until you are cleansed of all the memories you will bear and die. 
I wish you could clear the negative charges over the emotions. Hope you get to release the heavy journey from your shoulders. Wish you would break free from the cycle of life and death.
Memories bring you back how rare and tremendous

Image by Peter H from Pixabay 

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By Avraham Maor - N.M.C natural medicine counselor/ Life Coach


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