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Root-cause of suffering

Root-cause of suffering

  • avimaor 
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So what is suffering at all? Why do I use the concept of suffering in the context of anxiety and depression? I use the concept of suffering to describe a general condition that ranges from a simple mental or physical pain like boredom and headache to a general concept can also result in very severe situations of abject poverty, serious illness, horrible accident. A victim of war, crime and violence.

 In the Western tradition, in the Bible. Adam and Eve eat the apple, from the tree of good and bad. From that moment humans can understand what is good and what is bad and develop an awareness that can distinguish between good and evil and choose good, and in fact we now have two parts in our soul. The one high part, which belongs to the soul. A part that thinks in the form of love, harmony and connection. And a low part that belongs to the body that thinks in the form of hate, anger, separation and driven by the body for the body's self-satisfaction.

In the Far Eastern tradition, the king tries to keep the prince from the suffering of the world. He builds a palace of gold for him. As the Prince grows up, he seeks to escape the Golden Palace, to escape the comfort zone, and when he does. He discovers for the first time a sick man, a poor, old man and finally death. The prince decides to free humanity from suffering, and after a long and difficult process. He finally finds the way to free himself from suffering, he finds enlightenment and now he is the one who has awakened, he is the Buddha. In both traditions man discovers that there is suffering in the world and acknowledges it. He also learned that there is a possibility of being released from suffering

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