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Craving mind - will of a person

The craving mind What is the will of a person?

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Craving mind - will of a person. Will is a primary energetic movement. The thirst for life is the ambition of every living thing. Is to breathe and inhale air and put energy into the body. The will to eat and the will to reproduce to continue life. Will is influenced by proper mental and emotional work. Without this effort, will become a craving. After realizing the desire you experience a pleasure. When the experience ends, there is a fear that you will not experience the pleasure again. This is where the will rises again. Finally, repeating the process of increasing one's will for satisfaction will turn desire into craving. To satisfy the craving you will need to invest more and more of your energy in it.

This will prevent you from getting this energy for more beneficial purposes for you and your environment

  • How does this wish become something that is the opposite of striving for life? 
  • When does ambition become craving? 
  • What happens when craving drives you instead of you running it?

Craving mind - will of a person

The will is rooted in us from our very being. Otherwise, you will not be able to survive. You want to eat to feed the body and survive. Craving for coitus to continue your genetic lineage. In fact, Eating and reproducing are two basic wants that are essentials to every living creature.
As humans what happens to us? You want one portion of food, love, or interest and then it fills up. Enjoy it and get the energy for enjoying it. Your appetite grows and you want two of the same. Making an effort to get the two. You enjoy the result and then the will grows and you want four from the same thing and so on. One portion of pleasure and reward is not enough to fulfill the desire and thus craving is formed.

Pleasure as a result of the fulfillment of the will raises fear

Your body and mind enjoy the receipt of energy when you eat . When you finish eating, there is a fear that you will not feel this pleasure anymore. As a result, wish to eat increases. You achieve the wish to experience the enjoyment of food again.
The mood of craving grows as you develop from a small child to adulthood. It becomes to be a habit. A thick layer of habits develops on the basic desire for food, love, and reproduction. The energetic movement of the habit requires more to avoid the pain of the lack
You take another dose for yourself so as not to feel the pain of lack. More sugar, more cigarettes, more TV, and more casual relationships. When you take more for yourself more than you need, then you prevent the same thing from others whether it is your immediate surroundings or actually the fabric of life itself.

Craving mind - will of a person - Dual impact low

One coffee a day gives you energy. You feel alive thanks to him and function better. The energy comes from an unnatural source. Chemical in coffee blocks the receptors in the brain that express fatigue. According to the Dual Impact Law: “The secondary effect of any habitual activity, addiction or substance from outside on living organisms is equal to their direct effect but completely opposite to it.” Seemingly, you gained energy immediately from the coffee, but this is fake energy. When the effect is over the body will work now harder. To fill in the gaps thus get even more tired.

Craving mind - will of a person - shell on the will

The faster the energy rises the more it doubles. This movement creates a lack. Due to lack, the body transmits distress. Signals sent from the brain interprets as an emotional movement called fear. This feeling is unpleasant and you seek to get rid of it by drinking more coffee. The energy you experience from the second coffee is not equal to the energy you received from the first coffee. Chemical in coffee affects less the receptors in the brain. To produce the same initial energy sensation you need a double portion of coffee. Your enjoyment of coffee loses its power. And from now on only the habit of the mind remains. Your needs for more and more coffee to relieve the lack. This fear from the lack of produce pain and this is actually the “shell” on the will.
You are in a relationship. There is something in her that completes you energetically, mentally, and chemically. This relationship fills you on the mental and physical level. It gives you pleasure and energy. As time goes on the good feeling fades and goes away. The feeling of scarcity intensifies. There is mental pain. From the feeling of lack arises fear. From fear arises a craving for more attention. It fulfills itself for a short time and you ask for more attention. Unfortunately, you find that it missing again. Craving for love not working for a long term relationship. This mental pain creates a thick layer on the pure will for love and attention. It takes all the energy of love. Eventually, it will lead to the feeling of envy and the end of the relationship.

Rejecting satisfaction will lead the will to the natural and right place

The craving mind What is the will of a person? the will is the most powerful energetic movement in the universe. With the help of the will, we discovered the fire. Invented the wheel and reached the stars. It is the desire that motivates us to survive and reproduce. Yet the desire, without proper endeavor, can become a craving. A state of craving draws for itself the energy of life. The deeper and more inherent the longing. The more it will take from its life forces until it breaks. Proper work of rejecting satisfaction and understanding of life processes will lead the will to the natural and right place.

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By Avraham Maor - N.M.C natural medicine counselor/ Life Coach


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