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The Unusual Truth About Working From Home

The Unusual Truth About Working From Home

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The Unusual Truth About Working From Home. I always dreamed of working from home. I dreamed of becoming a personal development coach and consultant. dreamed of writing and creating content that would bring me passive income while I was learning and developing myself. This routine of getting up and getting out of the house to sell my time for money seemed to be terrible suffering. I dreamed of how I get up in the morning practicing meditation, then practicing, eating breakfast, and then sitting at the computer to make a living from my talent and ability. Indeed, what I experienced as suffering was for me as a motivational engine, to fulfill that dream. I read a lot I learned, took courses, and planned big plans. Indeed this current time of the coronavirus has given me the great opportunity to be at home and advance my aspirations for financial independence. However, after a time of enthusiasm in which he acted with full vigor. I recorded a digital course and built a website, I invested myself in marketing, and as the fast traffic started to get slower and slower. Corona time has started to lengthen and although I still make sure to get up early, I can not keep up with the desired pace to create content that will generate minimal income. I find myself staring at the screen and playing computer games, listening to lessons on topics that are interesting. In short, I retired. That’s great but in a short time. This precious time will run out I will have to go back to work.

We do whatever we can to avoid pain

This process can be viewed differently. Obviously, the suffering of “selling my time to make money” created a lack of mental pain. Naturally, we do whatever we can to avoid pain. As a result, what I experienced in the daily work created an energetic movement of motivation. The goal is to end the pain by stop being an employee. As soon as I was working at home this energetic movement is gone. The pain created by my daily work as an employee is gone and with it the urge to seek to create an alternative.
Since I have no desire to return to work as an employee I should create a real strong will, rather than the wish not to suffer. In other words to reduce the craving to get for me, my ego, and replace it with a wish to influence. And to do that I will ask some questions and answer them in the simplest way I can so you can understand it.

The language of spirituality

You see, it is possible to explain the processes that we go through in the language of modern psychology and from the world of personal coaching. But, the root of all these movements is found in spirituality. The language of spirituality is different from the language of the physical world because in spirituality there is no movement. There is no space and time. Therefore, striving to reach the goal, motivational conversations, and other tools from the world of coaching is not right here. There are situations where the tools are appropriate for certain types of people and at different times in life. It may also be that at some point it is possible to use tools from the world of personal coaching to create a new movement towards your goal. But, I think that to reach a real result you will You should understand the spiritual world first.

Longing create time and space

To understand the spiritual processes you should understand that the creation created out of nothing one thing – the will to receive. The Creator has no one to receive from because he is the first for everything. We have no understanding of the Creator himself because we have no ability as human beings to perceive him. An ant cannot perceive a human being. It is outside She lives in a reality that is completely different from ours. We can only attain the actions of the Creator. The Creator created a longing to receive from the Creator. From this longing movement what eventually created time and space. And with it the whole existent world we experience. The galaxies, the sun, the stars, and the life created on Earth and perhaps elsewhere.

The root of all desires is to be happy.

Man is a small world and everything that is outside is also within you. We have a longing to experience pleasure from the Creator, but our will is limited. You and I want to receive pleasure from the Creator just for ourselves. This will is the opposite of creation because it is only in a state of giving. So in fact you’re in a situation here. You were created with a longing to experience pleasure and avoid suffering without thinking and meaning. You eat so as not to be hungry and drink so as not to be thirsty. Want to be at home to avoid suffering from work. You suffer at home and you want to be at work. Experience frustration and want to feel good. You are constantly running away from suffering and want to experience happiness. The root of all desires is to be happy.

The Creator is actually like a drug dealer

But, as you have seen from the examples above Unusual Truth Working Home. As long as I want to accept for myself to fill a lack that is within me, that fullness will not last. I will try to explain and just to give an example. At some point, the Creator is actually like a drug dealer. He gives you as little pleasure as a small example of a drug. You enjoy it and then want more. You have to pay for the extra portion, so you put in a little effort. In return for your effort, you get another larger dose. And so on, until you can make no more effort to get another dose. Your ability to make an effort is limited. This is where the example ends. For the Creator, his intention is for the good. He wants to keep giving to you, but only on the condition that you give of the same to others. He wants your effort to build a strong will to tell him that you do not want to receive more but to give the same to others. The Creator wants you to be like him his partner in the physical world.

The Unusual Truth About Working From Home

And now back to the beginning of our conversation. I talked about the Unusual Truth About Working From Home. wish to stop working as an employee and develop a career as a personal development coach. The Creator gave me what I wanted and I stopped working as an employee. My initial effort yielded results. I took courses on the subject, wrote, filmed an online course, set up a website, and learned how to market on social media. But, the movement that created it all was the wish not to suffer. Like a drug addict, I have found that I am limited and have no more craving to advance in my goals and objectives. Because, the desire not to suffer, it is a desire to accept for me and therefore is limited.
The Unusual Truth About Working From Home. So now I am in a place where I first need to stop the wish not to suffer and develop the wish to give to others. So how do I do that?
We will talk about it in the next post.
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By Avraham Maor - N.M.C natural medicine counselor/ Life Coach


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