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To ascend the ladder of growth

To ascend the ladder of growth

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To ascend the ladder of growth. in the process of personal development, we learn to move away from what is not good for us. We stop the mutual accusations game. Stop taking on what does not belong to us. The anger, criticism, fear, and guilt of others. It no longer belongs to us. I create a separation between myself and the self of others. This separation is necessary to develop my ability to observe myself and others. Without the intervention of others in my emotional world. This is our opportunity for personal development and growth. As I progress in the process I learn to accept myself and others for all our range of low and high qualities.

Acceptance brings together quality of love and compassion

This acceptance brings me together with a quality of love and compassion towards myself and those around me. In the process of personal development, we encounter low places within ourselves and choose to fill them with inclusion and compassion. In this act, we give ourselves a gift of support. The more advanced we are in the process we find ourselves giving the same gift to others who are in their dark places. This gift did not come to receive any consideration or thanks. It is a place that allows for unity and the disappearance of differences between human beings. It is an understanding that we are all in the process of growth and development. Each of us is at a different stage in our growth process. It is the right of all of us to receive love and compassion. There are no shortcuts in the process of personal development. Each of us has his way and his own unique pace of progress in the process. Sometimes we stop and then move on, sometimes we go backward. But, we are all at one stage or another on the ladder of development. Even if at the moment, it seems that we are in complete darkness at the bottom of the stairs.

We attach labels to ourselves and others

In our lower consciousness, we attach labels to ourselves and others. Definitions like: tall, short, smart, stupid, white, black, liberal, conservative, and so on… Each such label puts the person into the definition, into the pattern. It is these labels that bring us to expectations, prejudices, and misconceptions that prevent us from accepting reality as it is. This migration creates an expectation of how the man is supposed to behave according to the pattern I put him in. If the person belongs to a certain religion or has one skin color or another he should behave in a certain way. I stop treating him as a whole person in all his nuances and rainbows of emotions. Requires him to act according to my belief system and expectations. We attach labels to ourselves as well. Putting ourselves into a pattern: I’m beautiful, I’m ugly, I’m fat, I’m thin, I’m successful, I’m a failure. We learn to know ourselves according to the patterns we have attached to ourselves and others have attached to us. We act according to what we think the labels obligate us to and not what we are.

A free and independent entity that moves and acts as much as it can

When I am at a low level of consciousness I do not see the other as he is. Our view of others diminishes and becomes narrow. Without renewal, excitement, and surprise. It is a place of comfort and not of growth which comes from a willingness to grow beyond my place of comfort.To ascend the ladder of growth. Personal growth allows me to see whole people. Human beings, a free and independent entity that moves and acts as much as it can. From what she is, from her ability as it is expressed at this moment. Releasing the labels from people allows me to see them not out of my filters of expectations and preconceptions but out of compassion and inclusion. Determined by anger, fear, and contempt for myself and others we will know that it is only a reflection of the labels, memories, and automatic behavior of the frightened ego. That I am connected to my higher self I see that a person who is angry and disrespectful expresses his fear out of his dark place. But, its essence is pure in the process of growth.

There is no confidence in changing

To ascend the ladder of growth. When I see another of me in a low, dark place, I will do my best not to judge him. He acts out of unawareness. In the experience of the high self, I am in a state of consciousness without limits, without definitions of who I am, what my beliefs I do not rely on my changing thoughts and feelings. I’m just me at any given moment. My high self becomes wide, entertaining, interesting, and intriguing. It is a constant observing consciousness that gives me confidence in seeing that everything is changing except it.
We need to set boundaries and put things into patterns because everything changes. There is no confidence in what is going on, passing and changing there is confidence only in what is fixed. The definition stems from the need to cling to what might change. Boundaries stem from a fear of protecting myself.

There are no bad people. There are only unaware people

There are no bad people. There are only unaware people. The seemingly bad person is unaware of my higher self. He lives in the dark. From there he feels the need to hurt others and himself. The fact that we are aware of his limitations and the darkness in which he is does not obligate us to be exposed to him and his actions resulting from unconsciousness. I have the opportunity to pity him, to try to direct him to arouse the power of his consciousness. Each of us is in a different place in the process of personal development and progressing at a unique pace for that person. There are situations where we choose to operate from our low place. This is the place to show compassion for ourselves. We fell into a dark pit. We deserve comfort. Therefore, whenever we encounter a manifestation of fear, anger, and guilt for ourselves and others we can connect to the high place. Accept that this was the more dominant choice in our set of responses. We acted best within our capabilities at that moment. If we open our hearts we can give ourselves and others a gift of immense potential for growth and development.
To ascend the ladder of growth

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By Avraham Maor - N.M.C natural medicine counselor/ Life Coach


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