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What Everybody Ought to Know About doubt

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What everybody ought to know about doubt ? Doubt is uncertain. It is an intermediate state between faith and disbelief. You believe in something, but not sure about it. You act out of uncertainty. Doubts certain ideas in reality and this can lead to rejection or pause of certain actions.
Buridan, a 14th-century French scholar, asked: What would happen if we placed a donkey between two similar piles of straw at an equal distance? The answer is that the donkey will probably not decide which pile to approach and die of starvation.
Man is a wise and slightly more sophisticated creature and in this situation, he will choose the default. But, what happens when you are between two options and can’t decide? What happens when you are in a state of doubt in your ability to decide? Isn’t this a state of death?

When in doubt,  don’t.” 
Benjamin Franklin

What is doubt?

Doubts are of something uncertain and unstable. Confronted with truth there is a lie. Handling a stable is uncertain. Something that I’m sure about is without a doubt. Doubt is a thought expressed by a feeling of insecurity and uncertainty. 
The doubt comes from the ego from the sense of self. From wanting to take control of life for me. From wanting to have confidence in myself. I don’t want to feel scared. I do not want to experience a mistake. You live your life and make thousands of decisions during the day. When you start to doubt it does not give you rest. A person who has a solid mental foundation is not in doubt. Dealing with doubt can expand into many areas of one’s life. 
Doubts come from the will to be in control. From the ego. From the moment our consciousness evolved as humans new options have been opened to us. This state of choice is the place for confusion and doubt.

What happens when you are between two options and can’t decide?

 You don’t have to solve any problem and make a decision right now. Some questions can be compromised. Doubt is not an intellectual problem. When a person is in a doubtful situation he can not let go of doubts. He doesn’t know what choices to make. A person with a weak mental capacity clings to the doubt and cannot decide, either because he has no additional data or for other reasons. 
To resolve the doubt you will take counter-action to it and simply make a decision. Decide on the options available to you.  
From personal testimony, I found myself constantly between one option and another. The inability led me to a default which was not good for me. As a decision, I chose to take responsibility for the choice. Choose from one of the options and take responsibility for it. This way of action develops the right mental capacity to face doubts. If there is doubt about which option to choose, simply choose the best option, and if doubts overcome then simply make a choice. Make a move. Move. Do not stand there. 

What happens when you are in a state of doubt?

As doubts increase, you can also access books and other resources on the Internet. There are sources of knowledge for anything and everything that you are questioning and I am sure you will find reliable information about your deliberation. If you are still at a crossroads and do not know how to evacuate simply decide arbitrarily it is better than staying somewhere.
We will examine the doubts about the essence of interest. If the question comes from an intellectual place from a place of interest then you will investigate and delve into it.
If not, then the question is just an excuse for the inability to decide. It’s your time to test yourself for your mental fitness. There is no point in getting involved and confronting the doubts itself. Just decide to ignore the doubts. Taking the risk and releasing the fear of failure. Releasing the will to be in control of what will happen.
The doubts do not give you a solution. The more you give a place in your life for doubts the stronger they get. Release doubts and take a risk to live life fully.

Isn’t doubt is a state of death?

Life is a flow of movement. You begin a journey that eventually ends. In this way galaxies, stars, and ideas are changing and in constant movement, everything else in the universe begins and ends. There is always a flow of movement and every action is the result of a previous action. Therefore, if you are dealing with doubts and stop the natural flow of movement your are experiencing a modest death. When you reach out of doubts you are experience restoration. If the question is important enough then you will delve into it. Consult people you trust before making the decision. Remember when there is doubt don’t endure it. make a choice.

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By Avraham Maor - N.M.C natural medicine counselor/ Life Coach


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