what is the most common mistake

What is the most common mistake?

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Since the beginning of humankind, healers have been attempting various methods to cure illness. Regardless of the method whether it is traditional or modern. Regardless of the experience of the healer’s expertise in any one method. There is one common error common to all methods.

What is the mistake?

The mistake is in trying to eliminate the disease itself. All those good experts do in all the excellent methods is not to cure the disease, but to suppress the symptoms of the disease. When You take a pill for a headache. You consume a chemical that suppresses a process in your nervous system that translates into recognition of you as a headache.

Did the pill cure a headache?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. The pill only caused the phenomenon to disappear. The real cause of headache is toxicity. The body generates waste all the time. As our diet goes out of balance and as we eat more carbs, fat, and proteins than the body needs, excess waste begins to form. Besides, we consume processed foods rich in chemicals. We suffer from stress and anxiety, breathing polluted air, using cosmetics, and worst of all. We use drugs that offer the most critical source of excess toxins in the body.
The body tries and tries and can barely secrete all the waste out through our secretions in the toilet, sweat, and breath, but as long as there is excess waste and as our body becomes weaker the accumulated waste and as it happens the waste begins to oxidize and become poison. The poison begins to damage the tissues, and the injury causes symptoms that are interpreted by us as a disease.
For example, the poison tries to get out of the skin and creates wounds, as a result of which we put a natural ointment to repair the wounds. The ointment did its best and the wounds disappeared, but now the poison that has already found its optimal way to easily penetrate the skin begins to accumulate in a less desirable place and may damage the more vital tissues. That is, by eliminating the wounds in the skin, the toxicity is pushed back into the body and now enters deeper tissues with higher injury potential.

So what to do with a headache?

This article does not come to provide a specific solution for anybody’s pain. Instead, develop an awareness of the disease processes in the body. In short, to allow toxicity in the body to come out, any pain, inflammation, fever, and wounds should be considered an opportunity for the body to secrete the poison out. It is highly recommended to give a chance to the process. Do not rush to take a pill. Let the natural processes finish themselves without interruption. During this time, it is advisable not to burden the body with digesting a significant meal or excess sugar, to allow the energy available in the body to complete the healing process. Good rest, quiet and fresh air will also help.

The writer is not a physician and is advised to consult a physician before stopping any medical procedure.

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By Avraham Maor - N.M.C natural medicine counselor/ Life Coach


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